Företagskultur hos Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines nämns ofta som en av världens bästa flygbolag. Vid en intervju med Ms. Lim Suu Kuan (commercial training manager) sa hon följande om deras företagskultur:

The whole focus of our company is about one word – customer. When we were first started as a company by our former chairman (Mr Joseph Pilly), he drilled into us that regardsless of whether you are a hangar assistant or a payroll clerk or an accountant, you are there because there’s a customer who’s willing to pay. This is our “secret”. It is our culture. We are focused on our customer. We also have very talented and good people. We have good industrial relations, good HR management, and we look after our staff well. Because when we look after our staff well, our staff will look after our customers well. (Interview with “service champions”, Singapore Airlines: what it takes to sustain service excellence – a senior management perspective. Jochen Wirtz and Robert Johnston (2003). Managing Service Quality Vol. 13: 1.)

One thought on “Företagskultur hos Singapore Airlines

  1. Intressant Karl. Det är en affärsidé som många andra. Dock en framgångsrik sådan. När vulcanen slutade ha utbrott var de först att beta av sin kö. I alla fall före Quantas. Det är bra reklam.

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